Welcome to My World

Oh hello there!  Let me introduce myself to you.  My name is Kelly Begeny.  You will not pronounce it correctly so don’t even try.  You can refer to me as KB.  Or Kelly.  Or Girl-Mommy.  Or whatever.  It doesn’t matter to me, just as long as you read my blog (and follow me on Insta!). I’m a wife of a wonderful man named Richard and a mother of two little girls, Olivia (4) and Brooke (1).  This is my family:






We have an amazing family photographer that can easily capture the beauty of my two little girls in between the tantrums, meltdowns, and blown-out diapers.

This is my real family:

I am sure there are many of you who can relate.

Olivia, my sweet, elder child, thinks she’s a princess and also likes to say “butthole” all the time.  As in “you’re a butthole baby sister”.  The other thing that is incredibly charming about my four year old is her obsession with nipples, especially mommy’s.  As in, she pulls down my shirt to point out my nipples whenever she gets the chance.  In public.  Then lifts up her shirt to show off hers. It’s a great bonding experience.

Brooke, my wild one year old, absolutely loves to stick her hands in toilets, especially when one is sitting on it.  Sometimes she even throws things in the toilet, like remotes or iPhones.  You may be wondering why the baby even has a chance to stick her hand in a toilet at home while in use, but we Begenys enjoy an open-door policy, mainly because it’s either that or listen to pounding followed by little creepy baby hands sticking out under the door.  You parent your way, I’ll parent mine.

Richard, my wonderful, amazing husband, has very quickly learned to focus solely on his phone without any idea of the chaos surrounding him.  His talent is extraordinary!  Olivia could be demanding milk and when not given in time, melts down saying “I want it I want milk!” all the while I am chasing the baby trying to catch her before she throws the Kindle Fire Stick in the toilet.  Oh, and my dinner is now cold.  People wonder how I lost the baby weight so quickly.

I drink a lot of wine (how about that segue!).  I love wine.  I didn’t drink much before I had kids, but I certainly do now.  I prefer red, just so you know.  I also workout a lot, mainly to burn off the wine.  The other part of my life is my job.  I work in the technology field in Channel and Marketing, and most days I work from home.  This means that my husband thinks I lounge around on the couch all day with my laptop while watching soaps and playing on Facebook.  This is not what happens at all.  Be it an office setting or my home office, the work is the same, I just do it from home.  Which can be very boring and lonely, btw.

So, here are some tips for working moms, whether working from home or commuting:

  1. Dress your kids in what they will wear the next day for bedtime.  This way you can just get them up and they’re ready to go!  No argument on what to wear!
  2. Never answer the first call from school or daycare.  Let it go to voicemail so they then have to call daddy to come pick up your kid with the 99.5 fever.  Do answer the second call if they can’t get a hold of daddy.  You knew your kid looked a little flushed this morning when you dropped them off but decided not to take their temperature so you really didn’t know for sure if they’re sick.
  3. Sometimes cupcakes make a great breakfast.  Just make sure they get the gummy bear vitamins to make up for the lack of nutritional content.

I have a lot more incredibly helpful parenting tips to share with you but I can’t just give everything away on the first post.  Follow me for more life-changing advice and incredibly interesting and educational parenting content!  Welcome, everyone.  Welcome to my world.

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