Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love Christmas, especially now that I have little kids that can experience the joy and magic of the season like I remember when I was little. The look on my daughters’ faces when they see the tree all decorated and lit up for the first time makes my heart leap. The delight when we go around our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. The amazement when they wake up on Christmas morning to find a horde of presents under the tree, and knowing that magical Santa spent his one night a year delivering my children all the presents they asked for. Oh Santa, how beloved he is when he leaves Shopkins and Nom Noms wrapped up all perfectly for my four year old. “Thank you Santa!” Olivia cheers. Yes, thank you Santa.

So let’s talk about this: Santa did not potty train my child. Santa did not get vomited on by my sick children. Santa did not have to deal with my three year old’s constant whining and tantrums. But Santa gets all the praise on Christmas morning for getting my girls everything they asked for and more. I call bullshit. I’m sick of Santa getting all the credit for my hard work. All year we tell our kids to behave because “Santa is watching”. “Mommy, I want that for Christmas” says Olivia as she points to every single toy in Target. “Ok, we’ll ask Santa and be a good girl and maybe he’ll bring it for you”.

This year, I’m taking Christmas back. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea that Santa brings my girls presents that they asked for. It’s magical and beautiful. But I’m making sure that the “from” on some of the Christmas presents under the tree says “Mom & Dad”. Like the cool princess scooter Olivia has been asking for, and the Moana doll that she’s been waiting for. Sorry Santa, I’m taking a bit of your credit this year.

I want my girls to believe in Santa for as long as possible, and I definitely want them to understand why we have Christmas in the first place (that’s for another post), but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a little appreciation from my kids. Mommy listened to all of your requests, braved Black Friday and crowded Targets to get the perfect presents, and stayed up late wrapping gifts. I deserve some of Santa’s credit. All us moms deserve some of Santa’s credit. WE ARE SANTA!

So while I write “From Mommy and Daddy” on a few of the present tags under the tree, the truth is, when Olivia is tearing apart her gifts in record pace, going from one to the next in .005 seconds, what it says on the tag won’t make a difference. She won’t even look at the tag. Also, she can’t read yet.

You win again this year Santa. You win again.

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