Another Obnoxious Whole30 Post

Yes, that’s right. Another blogger posting about their New Year Whole30 journey, starting January first and that will most likely end January third. Here’s the deal: I’m super fit but I eat pretty shitty, plus I drink a lot of wine and smoke the (more than) occasional cigarette. I don’t feel great on a daily basis. I feel good sometimes, probably because I work out a lot, but if I didn’t work out I know I would feel much, much worse. I’m sick of relying on Starbucks to give me energy and feeling crappy each morning with a sugar, or alcohol, hangover. It’s time to get my diet to meet my fitness dedication.

Which won’t be easy. I love candy. Swedish Fish are truly gifts from God. It’s the perfect food. Cheesecake is a food group, and pizza is how I get my dose lycopene. I did switch from Haribou gummy bears to the organic ones, but not out of health. They’re softer and juicier.

The reason I’m doing this January first is because I completely disgusted myself with the amount of crap I gorged on in the month of December. My daughters birthday, Christmas, after Christmas, and what is promising to be a very sugar and alcohol filled New Year. It’s my last hurrah. I ate so much horribly chemical crap the past few days that I know I will have a massive sugar headache for about two weeks and will be a nightmare around my family (they are thrilled, btw).

I never do diets. In fact, I don’t really prepare for things. I did Savage Race two months ago without doing any actual distance running in the prior three months, and spent the night before at the Imagine Dragons concert two hours away. Oh and I drank a lot too. On three hours of sleep I completed the race with my team and had a blast. Except for the ice bath. That is the most awful, painful thing ever, worse than hours of labor and two c-sections. Generally, I would not think of starting a new regime in January when my birthday is the 7th, and before I really knew what I was getting into and just said “ok” to Whole30, I figured that would be my cheat day. Now that I know more about the plan and understand its benefits, I plan on not drinking, no cake, and being wholly compliant.

I’m not doing this just for myself. I need to be and do better for my family. I want to learn how to make healthy but delicious home cooked meals and teach my children that fruit snacks and gummy bears are not a good group. At just three years old, Olivia had to be put under general anesthesia because she had 10 cavities. I told myself that it was because we have hereditarily bad teeth and getting her to brush causes me to learn new wrestling techniques, but the truth is I was doing something wrong. My kids shouldn’t be eating fruit snacks everyday and that’s my fault. This won’t be an easy change for any of us at first, but it’s much needed.

So, here’s to 2018! Maybe it be the year I truly get my shit together!

Happy New Year everyone!

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