New Year’s Eve

As most of us parents of young children know, staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop is a hefty challenge, one that I have not succeeded in in about four years.  I prefer to stay home on NYE, get the kids to bed, drink a few glasses of wine, then fall asleep on the couch.  This NYE though, our neighborhood was having a block party of sorts so we decided that we would attend as it was only 10 houses down, there would be food, drinks, lots of kids, and we could at least say we did something.  As we headed down our block at 7:00 with one stroller full of baby and one stroller full of alcohol (Olivia walked), we figured we would have a good two hours to hang out before the kids would turn into pumpkins (this was optimistic as they usually turn into pumpkins much earlier).  This didn’t happen, as the excitement of the party and all of the kids around kept them up and having fun.  So, daddy and I drank, mingled, played with the kids, and enjoyed a nice NYE.  Around 10:30, after our third or fourth jello shot, we were ready to go home and go to bed.  When I say “we”, I meant Rich and myself.  The kids were still pretty full of energy.  Right as we were walking into our driveway, a good friend of ours who lives on the other side of the street invited us to come to another house in the neighborhood for a quick drink and some cards.  We figured “what the hell” and were on our way.  We did decided to ditch the strollers though and just bring our rolling cooler.  Brooke didn’t mind:  Brooke Cooler

I’m so glad we decided to stay up and hang out with our friends.  There were big kids playing with the little kids so we didn’t have to watch them, and we sat outside on the patio to drink champagne.  At 11:15-ish, one of the big kids came outside with a screaming Olivia in her arms.  Apparently one of the dogs had an accident in the house and my very squeamish four year old stepped in it:

Olivia dogIMG_4240

This was our cue to leave.  We said our goodbyes, packed up our kids, then headed home.  Once there, we put the baby to bed, and Rich, Olivia and I laid on the couch to watch the ball drop.  Olivia didn’t make it.  She was passed out by 11:55.  Rich and I did though, then passed out right after.  It was probably the best new year’s I’ve ever had.

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