It’s Been Awhile…

Yeah, I know.  I decided to start a blog in the 2018 new year and after just a few posts I let it go, like most resolutions.  I have 10 drafts just waiting to be published but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish them.  It’s been quite a rough year, and I will share the trials and tribulations of my 2018, but I’m not ready yet.  I may be ready in a month, in a week, maybe tomorrow.  Just not right now.  It’s not terrible.  I have my beautiful family, I have relative health, I have amazing friends.  It was just rough…

Anyway, my kids are still a-holes.  Olivia will be five in two weeks but she acts more like a 15 year old. She’s either right on top of me or hiding away in her room and wants nothing to do with us.  She actually told me to “go away” the other day.   Brooke told me to “go away” the other day too.  She looked so cute going to bed in her crib with all of her animals, so I couldn’t help but try to pinch her cheeks and give her kisses, but she was having none of it.  Have you even been told to go away by a two year old?  It’s pretty confidence breaking.

This past year the girls have just grown up so much.  Olivia can spell and write!  I never know when kids should be hitting these milestones but the minute she spelled her name I immediately googled “child Mensa” and thought about making an appointment to take the test.  She blows my mind every day with what she learns. Much smart.  Brooke, well, not only is she incredibly smart, but she knows how to use that power for evil.  She can read people very well and can be very quick when trying to take something from her sister.  She can slap Olivia in the face but somehow convince us parents that Olivia deserved it.  She can even use “bullshit” in the right context.  At two years old!   Baby.  Geniuses.

I realized a few things about children this past year.  One, no matter how cute they are, they inappropriately smell.  Brooke’s feet can turn a room even right after a bath.  I gave a pair of her shoes to her best friend, and best friend’s mom had to throw them away when she got home for fear of stinking up the house.  The other thing I realized is they truly do not care about their parent’s comfort.  I will get all settled in on the couch with popcorn, my husband, a movie, and some blankets and as soon as I hit the sweet spot all hell breaks loose.  Olivia wants apples and Brooke isn’t really tired so she’s throwing all of her animals out of the crib, only to then yell at you to come in and give them back.  Oh, another one of Brooke’s favorite nighttime games is “throw the bobo”.  That baby will chuck her pacifier against the door, then lay down and whine for it in the middle of the night.  For funsies.  Because she’s bored. 

All the Animals

Another thing: cheese balls are like baby crack.  Take note.

Please don’t mind the marker all over her dirty, stinky feet.

So that’s it.  My comeback.  Actually, my comeback will be with a longer post about how 2018 sucked and needs to go away, but hopefully that post will be rife with good news that makes everything much better.  Besides that, all done! 

Here are some pics of my fam looking cute af:

The Begenys

They can literally have fun playing with anything…
The Bodyguard

Daddy-Daughter Bonding

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